Complex nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizers with microelements (N:P:K blends) provide the cultivated crops with all the nutrients required for growth and development, and facilitates improved quality characteristics of the final product.

N:P:K fertilizers are produced with consideration of the biochemical characteristics of the cultivated soil in order to correctly determine the percentage structure of the complex fertilizer’s components. This allows reaching a maximum effect from its use. E.g. N:P:K 16:16:16 or 16:23:23 etc.


N:P:K fertilizers have the following advantages compared to plain fertilizers:

  • Significantly increased land productivity of the cultivated crops. This fertilizer is the only one that allows specifying the targeted level of crop productivity.
  • Decreased agricultural production costs as compared to conventional fertilizers.
  • Fertilizing with all macro and microelements at once;
  • Higher quality of the final product and decreased content of harmful substances (such as nitrates);
  • Reduced acidification of the soil due to full utilization of the fertilizer.

Capacity – 20 tons of fertilizers per hour.

Packed in bags 500-2,000 kg.