Drag Reducing Agent

Drag Reduction Agents (or Additives) are Chemicals that when injected into a pipeline, where the fluid is in turbulence, reduces the frictional pressure drop along the pipeline.

Drag Reducers supplied are slurry products with an active ultra-high molecular weight polyalphaolefin dispersed in a carrier. Carrier selection can be application specific, or customer preference. 

Water Shut-Off Technology

With excessive water production being one of the main well known problems in the world and in particular to the production rates in the Sultanate of Oman, it takes a great toll on the economics of Oil producing companies.

By optimizing Hydrocarbon Production through Downhole Water Shut Off we offer value to the operating companies and improve field economics. 

The Technology is easy to deploy, it can be likened to the Scale Squeezing, Chemical Treatment or Acid Simulation and reflecting equivalent procedures, accepted risks and operational costs. The technology creates a permanent barrier in the reservoir – blocking reservoir pore throats – from environmentally acceptable components.

Sludge Dissolving Technology

An innovative patented chemical, which dissolves heavy sludge from crude oil and therefore reducing its viscosity without affecting its hydrocarbon characteristics. The Chemical technology is solvent based and therefore environmentally friendly and biodegradable. 

These features allows for this technology to be used and add great advantage in its use with Oil Crude/Sludge Tank Cleaning by easing the removal of hard deposits consequently the advancing operations and reducing shut down times for maintenance/service.

Corrosion Cleaning Technology

A range of Cleaning Agents for metal surfaces and the removal of stains, oxides and scale, without affecting the metal surfaces. 

The different chemical agents are at competitive prices and environmentally friendly. Their application is easy and safe, offering a number of purposes:


  • Fully removes mineral deposits
  • Fully removes paint and varnish (where applicable)
  • Completely removes corrosion and scale
  • No need to disassemble equipment
  • No damage to different types of seals