Our patented  soil stabiliser and enhancer agent with dust suppression technology, using high-performance additives, is created specifically for use in road construction and maintenance, as well as for mining, military and other commercial and industrial applications.


With this patented technology, Eco-Terrain hopes to improve the soil stability and integrity by reinforcing its structure and manipulating its properties to achieve the results. The high-performance polymer liquid coats and agglomerates soil/aggregate particles, increasing the binding properties between them, ultimately solidifying and stabilising the soil structure and integrity.

Formulated to Suit Different:

      • Applications

      • Weather Conditions

      • Traffic Intensity

      • Soil/Sand Types

      • Environmental Conditions

It is formulated from an array of agents, binders, and polymers that manipulate vapor pressure, adhesion, and penetration properties. The resulting mixture has been proven to enhance compaction, compressive strength, dry density, and load capacity, which lessens the need for maintenance and road lifetime.  Aside from having enhancements on its resulting structure, its enhanced plasticity and liquid limits help the mixture reach its optimum moisture content, which reduces the need for water, and it also limits the amount of dust clouds formed because of this.

This Eco Terrain product is not like just any kind of solution. It has a unique way of enhancing soil’s adhesion properties, promoting sustainability while being eco-friendly, and furthering human health betterment. It was formulated with research and critical thinking that guarantees long-term benefits both for the terrain and the people within the vicinity.

The solution is designed to be easily applied with options of penetration agents to further penetrate the ground layer/s. The treated area is durable and unaffected by water.

Graded/Service Roads Challenges

Constructing roads and access points is a costly exercise for Oil & Gas E&P companies, and the costs rise when considering maintaining them. Not to forget the indirect costs involved with their wear and tear; vehicles maintenance, labour, fuel consumption, equipment hiring, water consumption, re-routing, as well as the safety concerns involved.


It cannot be denied that through this project, there could be more to benefit from. And as it is now, there is already a number advantages offered, such as the following:

Construction Costs

  • Soil Enhancement could allow use of local soils instead of Borrow Pits Reducing import costs to local site.

  • Reduced Material Fill Layers and/or thickness, while increasing load capacity.

  • Enhanced Construction timelines, reduced equipment, reduced fuel consumption, etc.

Rolling and compaction efficiency.

Through enhancing the formulation to have a greater dry density, stiffness, and load capacity. The product is assured of having greater compaction efficiency. Number of roller passes required decreased by allowing for firmer compaction of the road layer.

Reduction of road maintenance

is related to its optimized and enhanced properties, assuring the road’s longevity once it has been laid out. Also reducing the frequency of PotHoles and Induced Surface Waves.

Reducing water consumption due to optimizing the mixture’s optimum moisture content and liquid limits

can offer water evaporations resistance. It limits the need to reapply water. Approximately 70-80% reduction in water consumption costs.

Comply with the  UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) to increase water-use efficiency, and ensure sustainable withdrawal and supply to address water scarcity  –  Better and more Efficient use of Water Resources

An increased driving safety environment

for the reason that it will be a more visible driveway, workplace, and surroundings without traffic/operation generated dust clouds. Aside from that, the reduced risk of pothole formation and road deterioration provides for a safer working environment


Indirect Cost Savings,

many cost reductions will not be directly apparent at first, but the established project will surely be cost-worthy on a number of fronts:

  • Health Issues and treatment faced due to rigid and difficult driving terrains.

  • Less wear and tear on vehicles tyres, environmentally reducing tyre wastes.

  • Reduced costs on vehicles maintenances and servicing with better driving terrains.

  • Less risks of driving accidents.

Air Quality/Pollution as per UN Global Policy,

a healthier environment for the workers and nearby populations by the reduction of Dust Clouds or Particulate Matters. It’s easy to see the most obvious effects of dust: diminished air quality, safety concerns and poor visibility. Eco-Terrain effectively eliminates dust clouds and increasing on-site safety by:

  • Improving visibility for drivers and therefore safety.

  • Reducing occupational inhaled diseases, such as silicosis, related cancers, and even asthma.

Oil & Gas Transportation



Other Applications