NEE was established in 2017 for the purpose of dynamically sourcing, developing and introducing new technologies and alternative solutions.


The founders’ experience in diverse markets and global involvement with specialised companies has set the platform for diligent and thorough market analysis.


NEE has acquired a number of strategic and technical alliances worldwide further cementing its capabilities and value.


Our Business Aspects

Oil & Gas

Cornerstone of Economics

An Asset that should be sustained and developed to reach the maximum returns on investments for today and tomorrow

Value for Money

Thriftiness in Business

Applying the right solution to its purpose in an efficient and cost effective way

Waste & Environment

Future Generations

We must protect the most valuable asset - our environment, the planet exists for generations to come

New Technology

Complacency the enemy of Excellence

There are no permanent changes because change itself is permanent - the industrialist must research and the investor be vigilant

Power & Energy

The Heart of Industries

Industrial Revolutions thrives on sources of energy and power, these have now evolved in essentials for survival