Industrial Power Solutions

Providing UK engineered and manufactured stored electrical energy systems, solutions and services, including battery packed systems (supplied as a standard or turnkey package). In a market heavy with low-cost, disposable alternatives, our systems take a fresh approach and each system is bespoke-built to your exact specification.

No two customers or sites are the same and the back-up power is only as good as the system in place, so our engineering services are tailor-made to you – is it battery system design that you need, or an emergency lighting system? A generator, or an industrial uninterruptible power supply? We supply the system you need, not a one-size-fits-all alternative.


Engineering Services In terms of the industrial supplies that the company could provide, innovation and repairing systems are also offered. Below are the list of the company offers to its clients:

  • Battery System Design

  • PCB Repairs

  • Bespoke Charger and UPS Design

  • System Failure including RCFA

  • Teardown Investigations

Known named Batteries such as

  • Saft

  • Alcad

  • Yuasa

  • Enersys

  • And many others are made available

Engineering, Supply, Servicing, and Repairing of:
For the project to run smoothly, it needs a power supply that should not be interrupted. The company offers different kinds of engineering supplies and services that are the best to have. These are:

  • Industrial Uninterruptible Power supplies

  • Industrial Battery Chargers

  • Emergency Lighting Systems

  • Generators

  • Electrical Vehicles Battery Charger

Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply (AC)

Central Battery System

Industrial Battery Charger

Battery Monitoring System