Specialty Chemicals

Water Shut-Off Solutions

Excessive water production is a well-known problem in the world, particularly for production rates in the Sultanate of Oman, and it takes a toll on oil-producing companies. Our environmentally-friendly water shut-off technology is used to create a permanent barrier in the water-producing zones of the reservoir. By creating this barrier to hinder the production of water, we’re optimising hydrocarbon production through downhole water shut-off and improving operational costs and field economics.

This is a three-component system which is spiked into filtered seawater or fresh water immediately before pumping into the selected water producing zone. Once blended, it slowly reacts to form an insoluble scale. This controlled reaction allows the fluid to pass through the well and enter the reservoir before precipitating in the untargeted pore throats of the rock.

The technology is easy to deploy, it can be likened to the Scale Squeezing, Chemical Treatment or Acid Stimulation and reflecting equivalent procedures, accepted risks and operational costs. The Technology creates a permanent barrier in the reservoir – blocking reservoir pore throats – from environmentally acceptable components.


  • Creates a permanent barrier in the reservoir

  • Reduces/prevents ingress of reservoir fluids into the wellbore

  • Can be used to plug selected zones in the well

  • Easily deployed using simple pumping spreads

  • Uses non-hazardous, environmentally-friendly  chemicals  which  conform  to  the  Offshore Chemical Notifications Scheme (OCNS).

Drag Reducing Agents (DRAs)

Thousands of kilometres of crude oil pipelines around the world depend on drag reduction agents (DRAs) to increase pipeline capacity, improve transport efficiency, and achieve savings in pumping power.

Drag Reducing Agents (or Additives) are chemicals that when injected into a pipeline, where the fluid is in turbulent flow, reduces the frictional pressure drop along the pipeline. The drag reduction in pipe flow means the whole pipeline can be operated under lower pressure, making the whole pipe system safer.

DRA’s are slurry products with an active high / ultra-high-molecular-weight polyalphaolefin dispersed in a carrier. Carrier Selection can be application specific, or customer preference.