Waste Management

At National Energy and Engineering, the company provides both hazardous and non-hazardous waste and environmental solutions and services. We aim to help in the proper management of waste by providing services that will help the community and future generations.


Continuous rise in the number of wastes around the world has been one of our major problems. It does not only affect the environment, but it also harms all living beings. Since proper knowledge and service of waste management are not available in all sectors, it is hard to start rehabilitating.

NEE offers the following and services to the waste problems:

Environmental consultations, waste transportation, waste management, battery disposal or recycling, sludge disposal and sludge treatment, tank cleaning, bio-remediation or bacterial disposal, disposal or recycling, and produce water treatment, processing, and plants.

Those services mentioned above were critical thinking and brainstorming products to preserve and improve the environment’s current situation, which everyone will easily utilize. Intended for industrial sectors at all places.

Tank Cleaning

Organic Waste

Waste Water and Water Treatment

Oil & Gas Water Pit Ponds