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Waste Water and Water Treatment

Good water quality goes hand-in-hand with human health, social and economic development, and a healthy ecosystem. As cities grow and environments become degraded, ensuring there are sufficient and safe water supplies for everyone is becoming challenging. A major part of the solution is to produce less pollution and improve the way we manage wastewater.

A more sustainable economy requires us to value wastewater for its potential, rather than discard or ignore it. Safe wastewater management could help protect our ecosystems and give us energy, nutrients and other recoverable materials for years to come. We offer wastewater treatment services and solutions with different equipment and chemicals meeting the various requirements for a variety of industries and sectors…


Contamination of the bodies of water in any part of the world can be noticed nowadays. It contains toxins and harmful mechanisms that are not visible and sometimes even visible, being neglected by some of us.

That is why with different equipment and chemicals meeting the different requirements in different fields, we, at National Energy and Engineering, provide treatment solutions and purification.

And our water treatment technologies include: water filtration, softening, reverse osmosis, medical and pharmaceutical reverse osmosis, deionization, disinfection, instruments and systems, wastewater treatment, and chemical treatment, mobile and container systems.

Products & Services

  • Water treatment technologies include:

    • Water filtration, softening and reverse osmosis

    • Medical and pharmaceutical

    • Deionization

    • Disinfection

    • Instruments and systems

    • Waste water treatment

    • Chemical treatment, mobile and container systems.

  • Water purification and treatment solutions offered to:

    • Industrial production

    • Housing and public utilities

    • Public health service

    • Houses and apartments

    • Restaurants, cafés and hotels

    • Sea cruise ships

    • Swimming pools.


  • Reduced potential plumbing issues and save money

  • Reduces limescale and other mineral deposits

  • Clean and safe water that reduce the exposure of it to potential contaminants

  • Our special chemicals act as a wide spectrum biocide to bacteria and viruses -including Corona Virus- that might be present in water.

  • Our Treatment helps in storing water safely for a period of 7 days without any corrosion to the internal surface of stainless steel tanks.

Water Treatment Process



Reverse Osmosis

DAF-Dissolved Air Filtration

Water Aeration System