Battery System

Central Battery System

Emergency power supplies in buildings save lives. Escape lighting, fire suppression and alarm systems all need to work reliably should the worst happen. New building projects may also need emergency power for insurance or legislative reasons. Our Central Battery System is designed to perform this vital task while satisfying all relevant industry standards. Robust, easy to maintain, cheap to run, compliant with industry standards and priced to be competitive with anything on the market, our Central Battery Systems are the perfect answer to your emergency power needs. It can integrate with your building management systems through its remote common alarm and two programmable alarm relays.


The Emergency Central Battery System ensures that the back-up power supply for the emergency and escape lights is centrally supplied. National Energy and Engineering Central Battery System are designed to perform this critical role while following all applicable industry requirements. Emergency power supplies in buildings save lives.

NEE’s Central Battery System aims to provide you a smart battery system that is centralized and helpful in emergency situations. Not like any other central battery system, its efficiency will not go lower than ninety-three percent, which is already highly efficient.


  • Durable up to 10 years

  • Higher energy efficiency of emergency lighting

  • Low maintenance expenses

  • Simpler inspection process

  • Programmable alarm outputs

  • Modular arrangement

  • BSI kite-marked

  • User interface displays all system parameters

  • Provides at-a-glance status indication even to the untrained eye

  • Reliable and easy to maintain

  • No special software, access code or hardware key needed.