Drilling Chemicals

Drilling Chemicals

The basic drilling fluid additives are required for drilling mud during the oil and gas drilling operations. This helps to improve the quality of the drilling operation. We offer a wide range of drilling fluids additives directly from the manufacturers. We consider various work schemes including the arrangement of chemicals warehousing for our clients, blending the dry chemicals according to the customer’s formula and preparing of ‘single pack drilling mud’.


We offer products that will surely help in the sustainability and well-being of the drilling fluid system for Cooling and lubricating the drill bit, control pressure in the soil formation, pH level of the soil as well as alkalinity, drill string and tools in the hole improved functionality lastly for well-maintained tools and equipment.

Barite, to increase hydrostatic pressure in the drilling process

Calcium Carbonate, for the fluid’s density to increase

Caustic Soda, caustic soda for the maintenance of the pH level and its alkalinity

Potassium Chloride, to control swelling clays

Sodium Ash, sodium ash to ensure the optimal pH of the drilling fluids

Sodium Chloride, for the fluid’s density to increase


and Others.


Since we are talking about chemicals, it cannot be avoided that there are challenges encountered.

However, at NEE, we already mitigated the worsening effect and made sure that our products, despite the challenges, can provide efficient and trusted outcomes at value for money.