Battery Charger

Industrial Battery Charger

High power AC to DC conversion is where our Industrial Battery Chargers excel. This is tried and tested technology, reliable under virtually all conditions, with a robust system core and state-of-the-art control circuits that guarantee efficient operation. Although designed to incorporate a battery for critical industrial loads like telecoms, switchgear, or Fire & Gas detection systems, our rectifiers can be installed anywhere a DC supply is needed, battery backed or not. A wide range of voltage and current ratings are available, and custom warning messages and trip signals can be set within the controller, and easily integrated into your SCADA or building management systems.



NEE’s Industrial battery charger will work efficiently despite the inevitable challenges that will be encountered.

The high-power AC to DC conversion is where our DC single and three-phase rectifier chargers excel with its flexibility and the fact that it can be interchanged with minimal changes. These devices take on a fresh approach in a market that is heavy with low-cost, disposable alternatives. A thyristor rectifier stack that has been tried and tested and has been successful under virtually all conditions. The brain of the device is our own rectifier control, circuit board. The result is a solid core system with state-of-the-art control circuits to ensure efficient operation.


  • Perceived by the end consumer as a simpler solution.

  • Reliable Thyristor Technology

  • Configurable alarms

  • All rectifiers use the same controller – interchangeable, no downtime

  • USB interface to PC and Remote Monitoring / SCADA integration

    • No software access restrictions

    • Long life / minimum maintenance

    • Very low running costs

    • Touchscreen and battery monitoring options

    • Unmatched versatility

    • Meets even the most demanding specifications.