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The count of waste oil and gas has been continuously rising for some time now. Regardless of the reason, some of it is being spilled, improperly monitored, not consulted and checked. Downtimes cannot be avoided, even though oil and gas reserves are providing large revenues to every country rich with its supply. When new installations are needed and when maintenance cannot be avoided, the frequency level depends on the damage to the equipment and tools.

National Energy & Engineering offers durable, systematic and trusted Oil and Gas Tools, Products, and Services. These are continuously improved and modified in terms of their usability and efficiency – the product of critical thinking, ongoing modification and collaborative efforts to improve and offer the best tools, products, and services of our oil and gas reserves. We offer quality tools and services with a wide range of scope, as well as unique services like consultations and data acquisitions.


  • Fiscal terms worsening

  • Unconventional assets

  • Emerging consumer demand rising

  • Social responsibility for corporations

  • Innovation at smart oilfields.

What We Offer

Despite the numerous challenges that every oil and gas company may encounter, NEE will provide you with

• Production engineering consultancy
• Reservoir engineering consultancy
• Production and Well-services
• Surface and Downhole Data Acquisition and Interpretation services
• Water shut-off solutions
• Well integrity solutions for long-term benefits
• Logging tools


These tools acquire different data points for analysing a number of variables and events encountered during exploration and production.

Spectral Noise Logging

The Spectral Noise Logging SNL HD tool is designed to record sound in the frequency range of 8 Hz to 60 kHz. The tool can be effectively used to survey production and injection wells under both shut-in and flowing conditions. For shut-in surveys, SNL captures noise associated with any cross-flow, crucially fluid cross-flowing behind completion components (tubing and casing). This allows for assessment of completion isolation performance (cement, packers, SSDs) and realisation of inter-layer differential pressure depletion. Under flowing conditions SNL captures noise associated with reservoir flow, enabling assessment of layer performance and out of zone contributions (water breakthrough / thief injection).

High Precision Temperature Logging

The recent developments in temperature logging has enabled better interpretation and understanding of fluid flow. The methodology includes thermal model validation and accounting for injection / production history fluid volumes and temperatures. Additionally, the sensitive input parameter, of active unit thickness which previously has been assumed from open-hole logs, is now measured directly with the Spectral Noise Logging (SNL) tool.

Wellhead Logger

Collar Locator Tool 

Noise Logging Tool

Multi-Programmable Logging Tool

Pressure & Temperature DownHole Memory Tool