Leading-edge innovations, technology, equipment, and engineering that are cost-effective. Leading by example Sustainability It is the highlight of our industry to address the growing needs of the global millennium - A novel way of applying an integrative approach to new market trends. Sustainability through development and steady growth with reduced environmental and economic issues.

National Energy & Engineering (NEE) launched in 2017 to dynamically source, develop and introduce new technologies and alternative solutions for different industrial sectors; Oil and Gas, Industrial Chemicals, Waste Solutions & Water Treatment and Industrial Power Products & Services.

It’s estimated that global energy demand will increase by 25% by 2040. Meeting this growing need, while also mitigating the risks of climate change, is going to require a divergent approach: National Energy & Engineering has formed global strategic and technical alliances to cement our capabilities and value to our clients and partners. At NEE, we believe in bespoke solutions which are commercially viable and environmentally sustainable, and have no doubt in the value we can add to your business and operations.

– Our Vision –

To be the leading provider of innovative and pioneering technology solutions for the clients and industries that we serve. This is coupled with a strong commitment to anticipate and adapt to an ever-changing set of client needs as well as global business objectives.

To become the number one trusted trademark nationwide.

As we aspiringly meet the demands of our local market, we too are gearing towards global excellence. We take great pleasure in addressing the problems faced in our modern endeavors.

To sustain a culture of continuous improvement.

Continued education and training in terms of innovation and development are our means towards success. Driven in a culture of sustained advancement, we never cease to bring forth impressive and up-to-date products and services in response to the expanding world and environmental urgencies. We look into the support for the generations to come.

To preserve and develop the material, ecologic, and environmental demands.

As we enter into a consistently evolving industrial realm. We are compelled to address both the environmental and manufacturing issues of today’s world. Our company exists and continues to thrive because of many varied social, material, and ecological needs. We take pride in providing you a sustainable technology and advancement devices, systems, and services.

– Our Mission –

We believe that ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. Our goal is to work always towards applying the right solution to the problem in an efficient and cost effective way.

To provide high-quality services and innovations for today and the future generations in a culture of continuous improvement.

To ensure a healthy work and home environment for our clients and future clients through careful monitoring of our progress and evaluating our client satisfaction.

To enhance today’s existing technologies and maximize information technology and development through effective and significant research, methodologies, and development support of innovations.

To advocate environmental preservation, ecological respect, and climate awareness through offering massive training and development and participating in various community and social events and responsibilities.

– Our Values –

National Engineering & Energy has a culture of pride in performance and a level of commitment that comes from personal satisfaction and motivation. Our core business values are:

Integrity. is in the heart of our services, efforts, and goals. Sincerity is the authentic character of our team.

Reliability & Dedication. Our success journey wouldn’t be possible without our leaders’, team, and staff’s unwavering hard work. Amidst challenges, it is these qualities that sustain us all.

Value Creation. Our map towards systematic, cost-effective products and services drives us towards constant improvement and better directions.

Sustainability. We believe that the only way we can provide and take pride in our future generation is to take massive and aggressive action towards preserving our environment and natural resources.