Industrial Chemicals

Industrial Chemicals

Chemical usage has long been of great importance in all sectors and industries. As it is, a number of industries are heavily reliant on chemical use, such as that in the agriculture sector, which uses N-P-K fertilizers and other variations of this. Various industries use specific compounds as cleaners, disinfectants, or waste treatment materials, or simply using chemicals as additives to their products or operations.

We are fortunate to be a company of unique people who are passionate about good science, with dedicated subsidiaries to meet the specific requirements of our clients in providing quality chemical products for the oil and gas and other industries.

We believe it’s important we get to know you and your project’s unique needs, and thanks to the chemical industry experience of our Oil & Gas department and our own Chemical Synthesis Plant, we are able to provide our customers with innovative and cost-effective solutions. We provide everything from specialty chemicals and custom blending, to chemical performance monitoring in the field. Our processes are certified according to international best practice: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Research Work

  • literature review

  • preparation of laboratory work methods

  • experimental laboratory work

  • analysis – data processing

  • laboratory regulations

  • Technological engineering

  • development and hardware design

  • heat and mass transfer equipment

  • stirred reactors, flow reactors

  • distillation columns including for many component mixtures

  • absorption and treatment equipment

  • heat exchangers, condensers

  • evaporation installation, cascades of evaporation installations

  • cyclones, hydrocyclones, cyclone batteries

  • sedimentation tanks, separators, etc.

  • technological regulations

  • Adaptive engineering

  • translation of technological documentation

  • translation of laboratory documentation and laboratory standards

  • adaptation of foreign technologies to Russian requirements and vice versa

  • Environmental engineering

  • development of neutralization technologies with laboratory testing and instrumentation

  • purification of gas / liquid emissions

  • sludge processing

  • utilization of acids

  • Help with patenting

  • patent research on foreign and local databases

Consulting Services

  • drawing up technical specifications

  • provision of consulting services

  • drawing up a technical and economic proposal

  • improving the efficiency and reliability of existing technological schemes

  • analysis of existing technologies, development of options for improving economic attractiveness with modeling parameters for the final optimization of the technology

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Production Chemicals

Gas Treatment Chemicals

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