Production Chemicals

Production Chemicals

National Energy & Engineering’s portfolio of innovative chemicals and solvents are designed specifically by our in-house technical specialists for the challenging field requirements involved in the production of oil and gas. The production chemicals for oil and gas fields have been developed to meet our customers’ unique needs. The experience of our O&G department and our own Chemical Synthesis Plant allows us to provide our customers with innovative and cost effective solutions.

In order to pursue the best efficiency of production chemicals, we arrange for our engineers to visit customers’ sites to provide field service, technical backup, monitor performance, and mitigate any problems.

Our production, enhancement capabilities include both products and problem well analysis and consultation.  Once the problem or condition has been identified, both the proper products and  treatment designed to achieve production  enhancement are recommended to the  customer.

NEE’s expertise also means we are the forefront of regulatory compliance when it comes to health, safety and environmental standards.


Some of our range of production chemicals and their applications include:

  • Biocides, which protects assets against biofouling and corrosion problems caused by microbiological contamination

  • Defoamers, which prevent and reduce the formation of foam in oil and gas pipelines

  • Corrosion Inhibitors, which extend the life of operating assets by protecting flowlines, pipelines, and metal structures from corrosion

  • Hydrate Inhibitors, which prevent hydrate formation (methane and natural gas hydrate) and blockage, helping to improve oil and gas transportation through pipelines

  • Deoilers, or water clarifiers, assist in the separation of oil, water (and gas) emulsions

  • De-emulsifiers, which aid in the separation of oil from water

  • Hydrogen Sulphide Scavengers, which remove H2S from oil and gas production lines

  • Scale Inhibitors, which prevent scale deposits and the formation of blockages

  • Wax Inhibitors, which prevent wax deposits by reducing the viscosity of the crude oil and enhancing fluidity


A production site consists of manufacturing and utility plants of various kinds. To improve their reliability and to decrease losses caused by emergency shutdowns, all of them require regular maintenance. Maintenance of plants requires enormous capital and human resources and causes losses because of the suspension of production.

Also affected are the material and utility balances between the production and utility units. In a good maintenance plan, all these variables that provide a viable and economical solution should be carefully considered. However, these variables make maintenance scheduling a very complex task.

These formulated products are based on keen observation and analysis by our R&D and Chemical Engineers, visiting several sites to run laboratory simulations, field trials, monitor the chemical’s performance, and finally came up with the modification or improvement of the existing and non-existing solutions to problems seen or encountered.