An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is only ever as good as its battery, and there any many ways batteries can be rendered ineffective. Age, temperature, and incorrect charging can slash cell capacity. Terminals can work loose over time causing high resistance. Operator error or spurious trips can leave your battery isolated without you even knowing about it.

Our Battery Monitoring System (BMS) is the safety net your batteries need. The condition of each cell and the string as a whole is logged, highlighting any issues as soon as they develop, so they can be rectified before they cost you money.

The BMS is compatible with any battery. Optically-isolated probes are attached to each battery block and linked back to the central control board by RJ45 cable. Mechanically and electrically robust and engineered for safety above all, this design virtually eliminates alarm errors from probe faults. Each control board can monitor up to 256 cells, with expansion boards added to accommodate even larger batteries.


No two customers or sites are the same, so each BMS is tailor-made to your specifications. Here’s three ways the data can be processed:

• Standalone – There’s no display or remote link. Your engineers periodically connect a laptop to download status information and logged data. Ideal for normally unmanned sites.

• Local Com – A mimic panel or touch-screen display is provided for at-a-glance status indication. The BMS can also generate alarms on the battery charger.

• Remote Com – Comprehensive real-time measurement and integration with your SCADA system through ethernet, CANBUS or MODBUS for ultimate vigilance and protection.

General Technical Specifications