A Glimpse to Eco-Friendly Patented Projects

A Glimpse to Eco-Friendly Patented Projects

Having a solution to a problem is not enough to be called problem-solving; it must be considerate of the different aspects and scenarios and as to when the solution will work. That is what an eco-friendly patented project will answer while promoting its sustainability.


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Patented Outcomes: Sustainability, Effectiveness and Innovatively Eco-Friendly

  • Eco-Terrain
  • Industrial Power Solutions
  • Oil and Gas
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Waste and Environmental Services


Solutions are everywhere, but always be careful if it is eco-friendly


Problems regarding the continuing growth of the number of pollutions and health risks have been major problems since then. That’s why several companies, organizations, and start-up businesses started to think of the possible ways on how they can minimize and help in holding back the increased rate of pollution and health risks with the help of the newly-patented projects and services each of them has to offer. If you are looking for services that are not only after competitions but look in the perspective of a sustainable and eco-friendly aspect, here’s the one you’re looking for!


Patented Outcomes: Sustainability, Effectiveness and Innovatively Eco-Friendly

Solutions that are formulated by some businesses, organizations, and start-ups in problems like the continuous increase of pollution or other health-risk phenomena are not all environmentally safe and sustainable. It may be helpful for the main problem itself, but it does not secure the safety of the environment and the people within the vicinity. That’s why we came up with a foreseeing and adapting patented technologies that are innovative while giving a heart to the environment. Those are:

  1. Eco-Terrain
  • This project aims to improve and well-designed the soil structure with stability and integrity heightened the dust suppression by eliminating dust clouds, and most importantly, make refinement of higher compaction, dry density, stiffness, and load capacity of the soilall by means of our newly patented technology which is an array of agents, binders, foams, and antioxidants that manipulate Vapour Pressure and Adhesion properties of soils.


  1. Industrial Power Solutions
  • Providing a UK engineered and manufactured stored electrical energy systems which help and focus in areas of Industrial uninterruptible power supplies which is an effective barrier against power failure and is safe for your business’ power supply, industrial battery chargers that has rectifier control circuit board to produce an efficient operation, central battery systems which offers the scope of escaping lighting, fire suppression and alarm systems due to unexpected situations,and lastlythe battery monitoring system with the cell and the string as a whole is logged and is compatible with any kind of batteries that will help you in terms of repairing because it will be alerted if there’s a problem.


  1. Oil and Gas
  • Production and reservoir engineering consultancy, water shut-off solutions, and logging tools are just some of its oil and gas tools, products, and services that offer a wide range of solutions to problems regarding it.


  1. Industrial Chemicals
  • Boosting production, drilling fluids, turbines, crops, and industrial and waste water’s situation with the aid of our very own industrial chemicals, products, cleaners, and fertilizers. Those are just some of the benefits of it, which will surely improve our environment’s current situation.


  1. Waste and Environmental Services
  • Promotes environmental rehabilitation, which scopes both hazardous and non-hazardous states. This service includes consultation, proper waste management and disposal, recycling, cleaning, and treatment. Those measures are helpful and vital in today’s environmental situation, which continues to worsen.


Solutions are everywhere, but always be careful if it is eco-friendly

National Energy and Engineering ensure both environment and people’s situation. It is not risk-taking, but it is mindful, careful, and loving to our mother earth and every individual.